Safeguarding of Funds

All customer’s funds are segregated from the company’s working capital, distributed across the global network of the custodian bank, and accounted daily to ensure that there is sufficient funds in the segregated customer bank account in order to assume their responsibilities to all customers.

World Class Regulators

We have multiple world-class financial sector regulators to supervise concurrently to ensure the safety of every transaction and customers’ funds.


Customer first is a principle we strictly adhere to. Regardless of account type or investment size, our customers can enjoy the same quality of service, the same speed of execution and the same customer treatment.

Security & Transparency

All transactions and operations are fair, open and just. As a professional foreign exchange trader, what you see from our offer of top-level transparency is what you will get, to which this conduct has also set a benchmark for the global foreign exchange industry.

Real Time Information

We provide our customers with daily market analysis news, extensive contents for market analysis, and in-depth analysis to help investors grasp the situation foreign exchange market in a timely manner.

Professional Team

We make a platform composed of many professional and efficient teams. Each team members is a financial industry talent who has strong insight into market trends and expertise.

Convenient & Fast

All our systems are based on the principle of customer-centric. For example, our account opening procedures, account management, deposits and withdrawals, transactions, are all operated simply and easily.