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FX swap users hope to avoid month-end crunch

Blowout in spreads prompted SSGA and other managers to limit need for hedges today


CLS data scientists try to decode FX volatility

New team has flood of info to work on, after Covid-19 trading surge pushes March volumes up 27%


ESG-linked hedges raise interest and questions

Carrot-and-stick trades pay off if green targets are hit, but setting and monitoring those goals is tricky


Major economies already engaging in ‘currency wars’ former IMF chief

De Larosière floats new commodity-based exchange rate regime; says “trust” is key to avoiding “beggar-thy-neighbour” policies


In choppy FX markets, algos buck expectations

Goldman, Nomura and others report increased volumes, although some clients revert to principal quotes


More NDF changes could follow Argentine chaos

LatAm contracts may be tweaked to avoid repeat of contentious peso freeze


Spot FX could be dragged into Mifid II

EC tells FX Markets it is studying Australian-style approach to regulating currency trading


India preps margin regime as parliament debates netting law

Lawmakers thrash out bill on close-out netting; margin rules likely to follow in H1


For FX dealers, virus brings volumes

Mixed feelings for sell-side traders as Covid-19 spurs wave of speculation and hedging


India exchange to debut rupee derivatives settled in US dollar

Launch of onshore futures and options unlikely to dent offshore volumes, though




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