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Our core goal is to set the highest standards for our services as quality services is equally important to us as our customers. In fast-changing financial markets, every decision we make is to ensure that our customers, business partners, and our professional team invest wisely. Our mission is to keep pace with global market needs and achieve our customers' investment goals with an open mind.


Citi to focus on just five FX spot platforms

More venues face axe as US bank says it wants to route 90% of e-volume through small group of vendors


UK watchdog has competition concerns over Ion-Broadway deal

Trading tech giant has five days to address issues, or face months-long investigation


SA-CCR adoption may spur wider FX swaps clearing

With up to 90% lower exposures on offer, dealers say capital benefits could outweigh margin costs


Buy-side firms reject EMS brokerage charges

Some users favour licence fee over per-trade charging – and have forced vendors to switch


Bargain-hunting equity hedgers turn to FX

Currency options are cheap relative to stock index puts, but correlations are uncertain


RMB hedging comes onshore as regulators liberalise FX market

Foreign investors turn to CNY for bond hedges as rule changes spur more competition


Johnson seeks US Supreme Court hearing

Ex-HSBC trader would not have been convicted in civil case, petition argues


Jittery ringgit spurs options growth in Malaysia

Local corporates seek new hedging tools, but longer-term options liquidity lacking


Banks tout early roll dates for FX swaps as quarter-end looms

Asset managers open to more flexible hedging strategies since March turbulence, say dealers


Appetite for renewed Fed dollar swap lines in doubt

With up to $300bn of positions nearing expiry, some say FX swap market can meet banks’ funding needs




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